Available in Boots

“Phytality is now available in Boots stores across Ireland”

Phytality Health on sale in boots

Plant-based products from Phytality are now available in Boots stores across the country.

Our Super Six & Peony Rose Extract products are on shelves in selected Boots Ireland stores.

Phytality’s Peony Rose and Super Six Mushroom Extracts are organic, vegan, non-GM, lab-tested and chemical free.

Phytality is a new health & wellness brand which has just unveiled its first two plant-based supplements – Peony Rose and Super Six.

Meaning ‘plants for life’, Phytality is creating a range of health and wellness products that centre on natural ingredients to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing by supplementing a healthy diet with high-quality, natural alternatives. Peony Rose and Super Six are the first two supplements in the range to launch.

At Phytality we are focussed on producing a range of health and well-being products, using only natural ingredients, which are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Visit the Super Six and Peony Rose product detail pages for more information.